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Hearts of the Earth


Los Llanos de Temalhuacán, Guerrero

It is an educational, ecological and economically sustainable project that provides community members with concrete knowledge and tools to develop productive projects in a collaborative, permanent and sustainable way that allow them to improve their quality of life. At the same time, we are working towards the construction of the first completely self-sustainable community in Mexico through the establishment of eco-technologies installed in the houses of the town.

We know that the industrial agriculture commonly used worldwide is causing serious problems such as deforestation, water pollution, the impact on people's health, the destruction of ecosystems, the destruction of the ozone layer, the displacement of communities, the impoverishment of the least industrialized countries and the perpetuation of the precariousness of farmers.

Permaculture is a comprehensive design system that serves to implement productive human settlements, it is a regenerative way of moving towards agricultural systems that do not negatively impact the planet.

A fundamental axis of permaculture is the sense of community, so this project proposes to develop a community educational center in which the farmers of the region, and anyone interested in agroecology, have access to a prototype garden and a space that will serve also as a meeting center where different workshops will be given on sustainability (in agriculture and in housing construction), transformation of raw materials into value-added products, marketing, conscious eating and collaborative work, always with the responsible use of resources local naturals.


Urban gardens

Indoor or outdoor spaces dedicated to growing vegetables, vegetables and crops for own consumption

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